My favorite place on the planet is still Hawaii!!! It is so beautiful and just my type of place!! Here's some pics of me surfing for the first time and swimming with a ginormous turtle!


Visited with the elderly

Mom and I cooked lunch and visited with the elderly at Bethesda Senior Living one fine afternoon! It was great and they were so appreciate of us spending a few hours with them. This lady touched my heart...She talked about her late husband and her daughter, who had died..tragically. She smiled and laughed while talking about how her and her husband met and tons of great stories of their romance, along with stories of her daughter and cried too talking about all of the tragedies she had endured. Life is so precious!!!! Enjoy every moment and love as much as you can!! There are a lot of people who could use a simple smile or even an ear.


Burning Man

The craziest most awesome place I've ever gone to was.....BURNING MAN! I have never been to a place that felt like a different planet. For one week an entire city is built in the middle of the desert with at least 50,000 people from all over the WORLD! I saw massive moving mechanical spiders, a funky 80's skating rink, a train, thunder dome..and my favorite moment was when me and my co-worker and friend Justin found a bus driving by with two swings on the outside of it! We ran over and jumped on the swings, was Epic or maybe you had to be there to feel that excitement. You'll never find a dull moment there. Pictures and videos will never do it justice. I suggest you add it to your "things to do before you die" list.



I had a great time exploring a beautiful country!! 4 cities in 9 days Phew! Hope you enjoy this video I myself edited. Not to shabby at it eh? My favorite EPIC moment from this trip was when my friend and I walked over a vent not knowing our dresses would come flying up like Marilyn Monroe's!!!  Lets just say we made a few men extremely happy that day!